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Dare to do the impossible


There is a real life account which is sure to inspire and motivate you. The hero of the piece is Anish Mohan, a young man hailing from Kottayam. He had a miserable childhood, growing up in a family whose head neglected all his duties. Anish’s father was addicted to drinks. Anish witnessed his drunken father’s senseless behaviour and actions. His concern for his mother made him go for work in a mill. The money he eked out there in the shop was a big help for his mother.

The Youngman never let misfortune reign over him. He totally believed that through hard work, he could reach the heights. His determination led him forward. His college days came by. The first day in college became a turning point in his life. The words of the motivational speaker who took classes for first year students touched him dep down. Anish could now see himself holding a dignified job, earning a good salary and wielding power. His dream of becoming the topper in his class was realised. He completed his studies and was anticipating being launched into the next phase in his life. And then it happened – the accident which totally changed his life.

He had got down at the Kottayam railway station, after having attended an interview. He was running to catch his bus and then his leg caught against something and he fell down on to the railway track. When he opened his eyes he found himself in a hospital bed surrounded by his mother and relatives. His whole body was covered with bandages. His mother conveyed to him the sad news that the doctor had to amputate an arm and a leg. Lying on the hospital bed, Anish felt that his dreams were all shattered.

He even contemplated suicide but his mother who never left his side always spoke words of hope. From the abyss of despair Anish Mohan climbed up the steps of  success realising his dreams at a speed greater than that of the train that had hit him. Training imparted to about four lakh people at more than 1500 venues, Excellence Award given out by the department of social welfare, his life story published through various social media, the first Keralite to receive the Jet National Award, Anish Mohan is making his journey of success in leaps and bounds, defeating fate which tried to pull him down.

Friends, don’t you feel inspired by the story of this young man? Never think of the impossibilities which stand in your way. Never talk about the impossibilities. Put your trust in the creator who brought you into this world with a definite plan about you and draw from that source, the courage and energy to move forward, jumping over obstacles like Anish.

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