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Coronavirus India Update: 63509 Fresh Cases, 730 Deaths in 24 Hours

Union heath ministry on Wednesday said that India’s coronavirus tally surged to 72.39 lakh cases after a fresh spike of 63,509 infections in the last 24 hours. The number of fatalities stood at 1,10,586 after 730 deaths were logged in a day.
About 63 lakh patients in the country have recovered so far; 74,632 patients have recovered since yesterday.

On Tuesday, India recorded an increase of 55,342 infections, the lowest one-day surge in nearly two months.
With 72,39,389 total cases, India is just six lakh cases behind the United States, which recorded the highest number of infections in the world – 78,56,321.
However, the single-day surge in coronavirus cases in India has significantly decreased when the country was reporting a spike of over 90,000 cases in a day.

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are the five states which have logged the highest number of infections so far. With over 15.43 lakh cases, Maharashtra continues to be the worst-affected in the country.
Andhra Pradesh, the second worst-affected state, has half the number of cases as compared to Maharashtra -7.63 lakh. While Karnataka has logged 7.26 lakh cases, Tamil Nadu has recorded 6.65 lakh cases and Uttar Pradesh has registered 4.42 lakh infections so far.

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