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computer vision syndrome

People are forced to spend most of their time at home to avoid corona infection. Due to being a work from home, they are spending more and more time on the computer, because when you go to office, the time after taking the travel time which is about 4 to 5 hours. They work for that long. Apart from this, people mostly keep watching phones or TV when they are disturbed while at home. Due to this, the problem of eyes is seen increasing in a few months.

Irritation or itching in the eyes is visible in people. Not only the children, but also the children are getting affected by this, children who spend time on tablets for a long time or use computers for school related work may also have this problem.

Computer vision syndrome is a problem related to the eyes, which results from sitting in front of the laptop, TV and computer for hours. Due to corona infection, everyone is at home and for the last few months, the problem of eyes is increasing. Timely treatment is necessary, otherwise vision problems may occur.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome
Long-term damage to the eyes due to using the computer for a long time, no evidence is available at present, but working on the computer screen continuously for 8 to 10 hours daily puts a lot of pressure on the eyes, which can cause discomfort. . Symptoms of computer vision syndrome are as follows,
# Blurred vision
# Double sight
# Red eyes
# Eye itching
# Headache
# Neck or Back Pain etc.

All the doctors believe that nowadays people have to work for 12 hours on computer or laptop. When you read a book, you get up in 30 to 40 minutes and move around, but you cannot do it while working on the computer. People do not get up for hours. Due to this, computer vision syndrome has come into existence, which includes dry eyes, red eyes, watery eyes and weak muscles.

Everyone has problems with itching in the eyes or red eyes. Its problem is less than anyone else. It depends on how much time you spend on the computer. Following are the tips to keep eyes healthy while working on computer and laptop,

1. The screen of the computer should be in line with the eyes or slightly below the eyes, the screen of the computer or laptop should not be above the eyes, the higher its screen is above the eyes, the more emphasis will be on the eyes,
2. Those who work on a regular computer or laptop should always use antiglare lenses, those who are wearing eyeglasses, get antiglare lenses in their glasses and those who do not have glasses, also wear ordinary glasses of antiglare lenses. , It is better to put antiglare glass on the computer screen as well
3. It is necessary to take a break every storm hour and the eyes should blink 5 to 10 times, so that water reaches all parts of the eye and the eye remains moist.

Ways to prevent computer vision syndrome
• Contact your doctor if you have any symptoms.
• Work only with glasses
• Do not use computer, TV, mobile in Dark room or without light.
• Keep desktop, laptop, mobile at the right distance from the eyes.
• If you feel dryness in the eyes, use eye drops.
• If you work on the computer, then take frequent breaks.
• In order to give comfort to the eyes, remove the eyes from the computer in a gap of half an hour, sit with the eyes closed for one or two minutes.

Do some workouts for the eyes
• Do stretching exercises, do eye exercises as well.
• Note that the air of AC does not fall directly into your eyes.
• Protect the eyes from any kind of strong light, if there is direct light of the bulb or tubelight on the screen, avoid it, because it can also affect the health of the eyes,

4. Some people also do that while working on computer or laptop, turn off the light, do not do this, there is a need to have enough light while working on the screen.
If there is any problem in the eyes, immediately go to the doctor and get treatment in time, so that any serious illness can be avoided.

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