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  1. Prepare a set of questions to interview Juliane when she comes to your school as chief guest.
  2. Prepare a newspaper report that came after the eleventh day of the air crash that left a single survivor in the Amazon rainforests.
  3. Write a letter to C.V. Raman congratulating him on his diplomacy and determination to perform his duties in spite of encountering problems.
  4. Grandmother goes to meet Mr. Dixit to ask him to stop the hotel construction. Prepare a likely conversation between them.
  5. The character Mikali in the story ‘Maternity’ appeals to all readers. Prepare the character sketch of Mikali.
  6. Read the conversation between Richard and his friend and answer the questions that follow.

Richard : What kind of a bird is it?

His friend : It’s a brown – throated thrush.

  1. a) What did Richard ask his friend?
  2. b) What was his friend’s reply?
  3. Supply the missing words in the following passage.

At night the worker ants move the eggs and larvae deep into the nest so protect them / (a) the cold. During daytime, the worker ants move the eggs and larvae /(b) the colony to the top of the nest so that they can be warmer. If a worker ant has found a good source of food, it leaves /(c) trail of scent so that the other ants in the colony can find the food. Army ants are nomadic and they are always moving. They carry their larvae/(d) their eggs with them in a long column.

(of, a, from, and, at)

  1. Some parts of the conversation between Sue and doctor are missing. Complete it suitably. (5)

Sue : _______(a)_____?

Doctor : Johnsy’s condition is getting worse. She needs constant attention.

Sue : Doctor, but she is not confident about herself. You had better ______(b)____.

Doctor : You are a good friend of her, _______? Only you can instil confidence in her.

Sue : But she has a mistaken belief that her days are numbered.

Doctor : If she believes in herself, __(d)___.

Sue : _________(e)_______?

Doctor : Yes, let’s hope for the best.

  1. Given below is a passage with a few errors. Edit the passage.   (4)

We, human beings, is born with a tremendous potential to survive in any situation in which we may find myself. But lack of awareness in our own selves prompt us to live an uncertain life.

  1. Complete the following passage choosing appropriate phrasal verbs given in the brackets. (4)

Johnsy ___ looking at the ivy leaves outside. Sue could not ___ why Johnsy was doing so. Sue ____ a doctor and ___ with him about the illness of Johnsy.

(call on, go on, put across, make out)



  1. i) What was your first feeling when you realised that your life was in a serious trouble?
  2. ii) While you were in the shackles of danger, how optimistic were you? Were you sure of coming out of it?

iii) After the tragedy I’m sure you had travelled by air a lot. What were your feelings? 

  1. iv) What is your advice to the present generation?
  2. v) Who is the role model of your life?
  3. Juliane survived plane crash 

1971, 24 December, Pucallpa: The Lansa Airlines bound to Pucallpa had a tragic air crash. Half an hour after the take off from Lima Airport, Peru, the passenger plane flew into a thunderstorm. The plane started lurching in the air. Then a lightning hit the flight and all 92 passengers including the crew were killed. Amazingly Juliane Koepcke, a 17 year – old – girl, miraculously survived. She fell into the Amazon rainforest and her unusually amazing will power helped her to survive. After eleven days she found three men and they took her to the jungle settlement at Tournavista.

  1. Rama Nivas


March 15, 2019


I am writing this letter to extend my heartfelt congratulations for your diplomacy and determination in discharging your duties in spite of encountering problems.

I came to know you are the in-charge of the development of irrigation in that district. You did a lot of propaganda among the village people who own the land. Your reasoning with them, joking with them and by repeating the same arguments over and over again, you have made them feel that they themselves are all partners in this work. It became successful only because of you. I really congratulate you on your diplomacy and determination to perform your duties in spite of encountering problems.

Thank you.

  1. Mr. Dixit : Why are you here?

Grandmother : I came to see you.

Mr. Dixit : What’s the problem?

Grandmother : I have a serious issue to discuss with you.

Mr. Dixit : Ok, you can tell me.

Grandmother : We don’t want a five star hotel here.

Mr. Dixit : Why?

Grandmother : Dharmagiri can’t hold a structure more than 30 feet. It’s very dangerous.

Mr. Dixit : It’s nonsense.

Grandmother : Please stop the work.

Mr. Dixit : That I’ll see.

  1. Mikali is a fourteen-year-old-boy. He was a refugee. At the birth of his baby brother his mother passed away.  Since then he had to carry new born baby brother on his back. He couldn’t go for work. He did not get any help from the refugees of the Armenian camp. 

He is very bold, so he asked every woman in the camp to give the baby breast feeding. He is portrayed as a patient, courageous, loving and responsible brother.

  1. a) Richard asked his friend what kind of a bird it was.
  2. b) His friend replied that it was a brown-throated thrush.
  3. a) from b) of            c) a               d) and
  4. a) What is Johnsy’s condition now?
  5. b) make her confident.
  6. c) aren’t you?
  7. d) she will get well soon.
  8. e) Won’t she recover?
  9. a) were    b) ourselves     c) about    d) prompted
  10. a) went on      b) make out  
  11. c) called on    d) put across


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