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CLASS 9 English

  1. You were there to watch the race in which Tarun has participated. Prepare a newspaper
    report about the race.
  2. You are the secretary of the Literary Club in your school. Imagine that you have got a chance to interview Sachin who visited your school. Prepare five questions that you might ask him.
  3. Prepare a write up about the views held by the grandmother in the story ‘Listen to the Mountain’  about development.
  4. The character Mikali in the story ‘Maternity’ appeals to all readers. Prepare the character sketch of Mikali.
  5. Prepare a welcome speech for Juliane Koepcke when she comes to your school as the chief guest for the School Day celebrations.
  6. Prepare a profile of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi using the hints given below. Use appropriate linkers wherever necessary

Birth : 2 October, 1869

Known as : Father of the Nation

Career : Prominent leader of freedom movement in India.

Method of fighting : Non-violence

Ideals : Non-violence, truth and peace

Death : 30 January, 1948               

  1. Read the following conversation between grandmother and Narayan and answer the questions that follow.            

Grandmother : What did the children have to say?

Narayan : They don’t want a hotel on Dharmagiri.

  1. a) What did grandmother ask Narayan?
  2. b) What was Narayan’s reply?
  3. There are some errors in the following passage. The errors are underlined. Edit them.

One of the gift were (a) a gold necklace worth fifty guineas, means (b) for my wife. But even that gift was giving (c) because on (d) my public work, and so it could not be separate (e) from the rest.           

  1. Supply the missing words in the following passage.

(from, to, that, in, an)

On my relief/(a) war-duty, I felt that my work was no longer/(b) South Africa but in India. Not that there was nothing/(c) be done in South Africa, but I was afraid /(d) my main business might become merely money-making.

  1. Some parts of the conversation between Sagar and Narayan are missing. Complete it suitably.        

Sagar : ……..(a)…..?

Narayan : I have a serious issue to discuss with you.

Sagar : What is it?

Narayan : You had better …..(b)…..

Sagar : If I started the work ….(c)…..

Narayan : It is dangerous to the mountain.

Sagar : We are doing nothing to the mountain, ……(d)…….?

Narayan : Dharmagiri cannot hold a structure more than 30 feet. It’s so dangerous.

Sagar : …………(e)………..?

Narayan : No, I don’t. But it is an old belief.

Sagar : I don’t care. We are going to start the work tomorrow.



  1. A Phoenix from the Race

Kothamangalam: The Nehru Stadium witnessed a thrilling race yesterday. An enthusiastic and self – motivated boy of 12 years called Tarun became the darling of the crowd assembled there. Though he finished last, he was received with a loud applause. The great
Olympian, Ram Narayan,  declared that he would train him and fulfil his dream.

  1. Why do you choose cricket as your career?

You have created many records. Which is your favourite record?

What are the essential qualities required for a good cricket player?

What is your opinion about cricket related allegations? Is it diminished the future of cricket in our country?

What is your advice for the budding talents in cricket?

  1. Grandmother is the representative of the old generation who believes that man should live in harmony with nature. She thinks that she can hear the voice of the streams, rivers, the birds and the mountain.  She is happy with the rough life of village without much luxuries like car or T.V. When she hears about the construction of hotel in her village, she appears more concerned about the pollution, the noise and the loss of habitat of animals and birds. The picture of filthy river frightens her.  But she is not altogether against progress and admits that since future belongs to the children, they should be consulted.
  2. Mikali is a fourteen – year – old boy. He was a refugee. At the birth of his baby brother his mother passed away. Since then he had to carry the newborn baby brother on his back. He couldn’t go for work. Mikali did not get any help from the refugees of the Armenian camp. Chinaman takes pity on him and takes him to his house where his wife breastfeeds the baby. Thus the baby is saved. He is very bold. So he asked every woman in the camp to give the baby breast feeding. He is portrayed as a patient, courageous, loving and responsible brother.
  3. Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends,

As everyone before me pointed out, today is a red – letter day in the history of the school. Today we are celebrating our School Day. Today is the day in which numerous artistic performance of our students will be staged. To inaugurate the celebrations we have one of the most distinguished guests we can ever dream of getting. That’s none other than Juliane, the incarnation of
determination and bravery. The sole survivor of the Lansa Air crash has taken all the pains to come over here. Lonely in the Amazon dense forest for more than ten days, she had fought against all odds and at last successfully come out. It was in fact a life and death struggle for Juliane and she never surrendered before the intense dangers that encompassed her. That’s rare unnatural courage which only real heroes possess. She has rewritten the history with her heroics. My dear friends, Juliane is a rare model to us, someone the world wants us to imitate. With your permission I’m extending my best wishes to her and welcomes her to our esteemed institution. Thank you all.

  1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869. He is known as ‘Father of the Nation’. He was a prominent leader of freedom movement in India. His method of fighting was non-violence and his ideals are non-violence, truth and peace. He passed away on 30 January, 1948.

  1. Grandmother asked Narayan what the children had had to say.

Narayan replied that they didn’t want a hotel on Dharmagiri.

  1. a) gifts was
  2. b) meant
  3. c) given
  4. d) of
  5. e) separated
  6. a) from      b) in       c) to         d) that
  7. a) Why are you here?
  8. b) stop the construction of the hotel.
  9. c) I would complete it.
  10. d) are we?
  11. e) Do you believe in it?
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