1. Identify different branches of Social Science ?
  2. What is called Sociology ?
  3. How is creative writing different from the study of sociology?
  4. Identify Three Revolutions that paved the way for the emergence of Sociology (in 19th century)?
  5. Who is considered as father of sociology ? Why?
  6. Identify the contribution of Herbert Spencer to sociology ?
  7. Name the thinkers who have made important contributions to the development of sociology?
  8. Analyse the growth of sociology in India ?
  9. Why do we study Sociology?
  10. Identify the main areas of sociology?



  1. Economics : Study of economic activities

  History :Inquiry into the past and the culture

  Political Science : Study of the state and the rights of the people.

Anthropology: Study of the origin and racial evolution of man.

Psychology: Study of human mind and behavior.

  1. Sociology is the scientific study of the social aspects of human life.

It is the scientific study of the mutual relationship between man and his environment.

  1. Creative writing:—

It is based on imagination and creativity

The goal of creative writing is appreciation

Social events are depicted on aesthetic realms in creative writing

Study of sociology:—

In the study of sociology Social issues or subjects are analysed scientifically

Social conditions are analysed on the basic of cause effect relationship

Society is objectively analysed in the study of sociology

  1. – Renaissance or Scientific revolution 

– French revolution 

– Industrial revolution

  1. August Comte is the father of Sociology.

The discipline which was developed by August Comte was first called Social Physics and then sociology by him. That is why he is regarded as the Father of sociology.

  1. Herbert Spencer was the thinker who utilised the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin for the study of the society. He clarified that just as biological evolution, the society had passed through various stages and reached the present stage.
  2. – Karl Marx – Emilie Durkheim – Max Weber

8. Indian Sociology started during the beginning of 20th century.

First Department started at Bombay University.

G.S khurey , A.R Desai, S.C.Dubey, M.N.Srinivas, D.P .Mukherjee etc were great Indian sociologists

9. It helps to formulate the right perspective of society

It helps to know the relation between the individual and the social institutions.

Studies social problems precisely. – Helps to find solutions for social problems.

Provides guidance to social welfare measures by conducting studies on the backward sections, the exploited and people who have faced discrimination and oppression.

Benefits social planning and development.

10. Social institutions 

Social groups 

Social relations 


Social control


Social changes 

Social problems


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