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Breathe sister! You’ve got it!

‘Household’, the ever warm and nurturing essence of a home is only complete with a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a maid, a gardener, a chef, a chauffeur, a tutor and only when all these persons are just one. Sad, but touché` for an Indian social setup.

 7 months of lock down, 3 months of partial lockdown and occasional containment zones, times of uncertainty, hopelessness, layoffs, unemployment of family members, financial crisis and to top the pile with remote learning for children, all that she took in with fore bounding fear at heart and assertive reassurance face of demeanour. The one to gather and tie the semblance of the near and dears with courage and wisdom. 

And yet, the pain of not socialising enough, the strain of household work, the strenuous task of parenting and the throbbing pang of given up of careers are still in the hearts of  each and every women, who were forced down the throat with unending responsibilities by the society. ‘A mother knows everything!’ puts undeniable pressure and the need for keeping up with the expectations of the nameless society and family tree. 

Disregarding oneself and striking ones name off the list in a heartbeat, is their know way of compassion and showing affection. My daughter, Me, My mother, My grandmothers, their mothers and mothers before them are taught to be the invisible lifeline of a household with a heart full of love, nurture and tenderness.

The warp system which restricts them to not to feel miserable, confused, irresponsible, careless or burdened leaves them in a crossroads of self nurturing, and ceaseless chores. God created the World, Universe and the Stars in 6 day and rested on the 7th day. 

But, lock down or no lockdown, work from home or no work from home, a housewives shoulder is drooping down with the onus of de-escalating family rumble, smoothening out the distress among the family members and handling and engineering the emotional wellbeing of the collective family through the times of distress and dubious circumstances. 

 As the true essence of water, which is fluid and soft can cut through the hardest rocks. A housewife is the softest nurtured who are also the fierce goddess and protector of her family’s semblance and sanity. And when she is all, she shouldn’t also forget that she too is a human.

Aswathy Alex
Deer B

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