Wednesday, March 15, 2023
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3.85 lakh students gain Plus One admission this year

3,85,253 students secured Plus One admission in the state this year. The Department of General and Higher Education informed that 14,756 seats in government schools, 7,377 seats in aided schools and 24,695 seats in unaided schools are vacant after completion of the admission procedure. 3,68,305 students were admitted to Plus One in the academic year 2020-’21. 16,948 more children obtained admissions to Plus One this year.

54,334 students including 30,043 in government schools and 24,291 in aided schools got admission through the increase in the marginal seats. 4,561 students were admitted to the 5105 seats in the additional 79 temporary batches.

Minister V Sivankutty said that the promise to ensure Plus One seats for all those who are eligible for higher studies has been fulfilled.

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